Link Building for B2B SaaS Companies

Get high domain authority links EXCLUSIVELY from SaaS companies and Service sites.  No links from affiliate sites, content farms, spammy looking sites, etc.

Companies We've Worked With

About Your Links

Your links begin with a rigorous prospecting phase.  We manually go through each link to ensure that it meets our high standards.  

Once we select the link, we manually reach out to the SEO manager or content specialist of the site with a customized email. 

Finally, we'll make sure the anchor text matches your requirement.

Time Doctor Time Analytics Saas company

Scaled Traffic to 400,000 Vistors Per Month

We helped Time Doctor grow from about 25,000 visitors a month to 400,000 visitors per month by writing great content and acquiring high quality links.

High Domain Authority

All of your links will come from  sites with a minimum domain authority of 60.  These are established sites with excellent link profiles.

High Traffic

All of your links will come from sites with minimum traffic of at least 1,000 visitors per month.

No Spam Sites

Your links will only be on other SaaS sites or agency/service sites.  No content farms, spammy looking sites, affiliate sites, etc.

Money Back Guarantee

Like we've said a couple of times, we only get links that have a DR 60+, traffic of 1000+, and sites that are SaaS companies or Agency/Service businesses.  Or you don't pay.

In fact, we've actually given out links to our clients for free that our competitors are charging $300 for!  Sometimes we come across a good link, but it's not quite good enough.  Maybe it's on a DR55 site.  Or it's on a non-spammy content site.  Rather than just "leave" the link there - we give it to you free of charge.

Get More Trials

Higher ranking means more traffic.  More traffic means more trials and demos. 

Grow Your MRR

More trials means more users.  More users means more MRR.  

Increase Acquisition Price

SEO and organic traffic provide a moat for your company - a defensible position that will increase acquisition price if you desire to sell.

From 0 to 100 Visitors Per Day in 6 Months

"Every time I see a new feature on the Content Guppy platform, I offer to invest in the company.  The software is really cool AND it helped me scale my brand new site from 0 to over 100 visitors a day insanely fast!"

Keith Bresee

CEO Neurosection9

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Here are some common questions about Hexa.

What Type of Outreach Methods do You Use?

We mostly do link inserts.  We find this to be the best type of link building.  Links are on established pieces of content on established sites.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Yes!  We guarantee that your links are going to be on DR60 sites, with at least 1000 visitors a month and on SaaS and agency sites only.

How many links do I need for my rankings to go up?

Unfortunately, this is impossible for us to say.  We can give you a best guess, but links are only one ranking factor.  

This will also depend on how good your content is, if it matches search intent, how competitive the keyword is, and many other factors.

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